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Machine Learning: Basic Terms for Dummies

Machine learning is becoming increasingly relevant today in trying to solve a host of problems. Essentially you are writing programs which are learning and getting better at doing something as more data is made available to them.  A program gets better at telling users which products they might like as it learns more about user preferences and similarities between users. Continue reading “Machine Learning: Basic Terms for Dummies”

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My New Book : PostgreSQL Server Programming

My new book PostgreSQL Server Programming – 2nd Edition is now available on all major online retailers.

This book will show you that PostgreSQL is so much more than a database server. In fact, it could even be seen as an application development framework, with the added bonuses of transaction support, massive data storage, journaling, recovery, and a host of other features that the PostgreSQL engine provides. Continue reading “My New Book : PostgreSQL Server Programming”

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Unskilled and Unaware of It – The Dunning Kruger Effect

I came across a very interesting phenomenon today. Something i have known and observed for a very long time. I often wondered that in our business (Technology) people who generally rate themselves high, are in general not that competent. For example,  i have had bosses in a software company , who were MBAs, who always thought they bring more value to the company as compared to those people who actually build stuff they are selling.

Continue reading “Unskilled and Unaware of It – The Dunning Kruger Effect”